Training & Courses

Magic & Glitter also work along side one of the largest psychic networks in the industry  providing psychic develpment and training courses, everyone that attends the courses will have the opportunity once qualified to work as a  online / telephone reader.
Course’s Include Beginners Tarot, Advanced Tarot, working with Angels, Witchcraft, Shaman, Runes, Chakra Healing, Tea Leaf Reading & Spiritual Development.

For more information on costs & dates please use the contact form below.


Courses & Workshops

One Day Beginners Tarot Ccourse
Learn the basics of Tarot in a one day course.Learn the meanings of  the 78 tarot  cards. Learn how we combine the tarot cards and spreads. You will need a pack of cards, pen and note pad.

Advanced Tarot Training Ccourse
This course is for those that have already completed the beginner’s tarot training course or those have been reading tarot for a while and would like to learn something new. Good for those of you that wish to become a professional tarot reader.  (See my website or more info. )

Introduction to Angels
What are Angels, Archangels, Angels & their special responsibilities Connecting with Angels, Angel Signs, Angel Meditation, Angel Card Readings  learn about the seven main Angels and how to do Angel card readings. Everyone one gets to practice with the group and gets a personal Angel card reading from Tracie.
please bring a note pad & Angel cards.

Introduction to Witchcraft
For those of you Interested in witchcraft, write your own book of shadows, learn about Wicca and Pagans including the moon cycles, spells, sabbats, goddess, meditations, casting a circle, cord magic, candle magic, herb magic and much more.  Certificate on completion.

Herb Magic Workshop
How you can use herbs in Spells. Herbal Substitutes.Why use Herbs in Magic.
Make your own – Medicine Bag or Talisman, Spell Casting & more.

Introduction to Shamanism 
Learn about the Shaman jouney’s, The Shaman Way, Power & Totem animals Guides
Shaman Healing, Crystals and Energy Work, Runes, Cleansing & other tools. (see website for more info)

Angel Board & Spirit Board workshops.

Angel Boards are decorated with images of angels and beautiful flowers sometimes pictures from nature, they look much more pleasant than the traditional Ouija Boards ( spirit board ) although the way we use them is basically the same. We call upon our guardian angels and spirit guides to assist us with angel board communication and ask that they only allow positive energies through, to connect with our spirit guides to find out what our guides looked like, what their names are and about our past lives, its fun and everyone really enjoys it. When done in a controlled environment it is perfectly safe to use, if your interested but worried then read the feeback on my facebook training page.

For Spirit  & Angel Board Workshops contact me.  Private family sittings avaliable on request.

For more courses visit
For more information email

*Scroll down to read the feedback from my students.



7 thoughts on “Training & Courses

  1. When I attended Tracie’s beginner Tarot course she made me feel welcome, put me at ease and explained everything at a level that was easily understood. It was a fascinating day and I would thoroughly recommend it. Carolyn Finch x


  2. I attended the Beginners Tarot Course was very interesting and learnt so much! Would recommend Tracie if you are interested in learning the tarot. I also attended The Angel Board was a great day and found out many things which has made me happy! Great to finally know my guides names. Georgina Alice x


  3. was lucky enough to attend Tracie Long’s Angel Board Workshop today – I would highly recommend this day – As always Tracie makes you feel welcome and safe and is a brilliant Teacher – I felt very grounded while being guided around this fascinating subject – extra special to find out the names of your Guides and Angels – So nice to know that these entities are there for your protection and guidance – Thank you Tracie and all the lovely ladies that were there today. Amanda Grant x


  4. My friends and I recently did the angel board with Tracie and it was brilliant. It was so fun and interesting and we learned so much about who our guides are and how we are connected to them and also how we are connected in our current relationships from the past. We loved it and decided that we would do again in the future. It’s a great way to get all your questions answered directly from your guides and know that they are always by your side. I would highly recommended it, a great way to spend an afternoon. Eve xxx


  5. I had the pleasure of being at The Angel Board session yesterday – Tracie is a consummate professional and puts you straight at ease 😊 I had the most fun I have had in a long time and came away knowing my guide, her name, hair colour and eyes – So now when I sense her I can picture her too – Thank you Tracie Long for your help on my path – I would also like to thank all the lovely ladies there for helping us all feel relaxed – Loadsalove Amanda xxx


  6. “Tracie gave the session in a big shower of support, smiles and laughter. I came away feeling reassured knowing I have Spirit and The Angels at my side, if I need help”. All the VERY BEST to you. Hope to see you on the TV one day, Mildred xxx

    I must say I done the Angel board with Tracie Long yesterday, I loved every minute of it finding out who my guides and angels are, we all had a right laugh such a calm environment would highly recommend Thank you Tracie, love Kayley xxx

    Angel board workshop was lovely and to know my guide is around me all the time. It was a good laugh. Sunita X

    Huge thank you to Tracie for yesterday, her Angel Board Workshop was everything that it promised and more, I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels, it was such a relaxed and fun environment. Jeanette ❤xxx


  7. Amanda Grant – Thank you Tracie for the brilliant tarot training course on Sunday. Never have I been to something so in depth and well taught. You have restored my confidence in going forward in the Spirit.
    The lesson was exceedingly informative but full of laughter too. A great day filled with great people.
    Looking forward to doing more courses with Magic & Glitter.
    If I had to put it into one word it would be ‘Excellent’.

    Jackie Woodley – I would highly recommend this course, wether you have a little knowledge or a complete beginner. Had a really interesting and enjoyable (long) day ! But was enjoying it so much didn’t realise the time. Tracie is a wonderful teacher and I also met some other lovely ladies. I am looking forward to giving my own readings now and gaining in confidence with lots of practice. Thanks Tracie ! X

    I completed the beginners tarot course with tracie. I can honestly say it was very knowledgeable and in depth. Tracie is a great teacher who gave us in depth understanding of each card and made it fun whilst maintaining professionalism. At the end of the day we did readings for each other with what we had learned during the course and was encouraged to use our intuition. I feel so much more confident in using tarot now. Thanks tracie it was a great day and a fantastic course 🙂 Kelly

    Hi Tracie
    Thank you so much for the beginners tarot course. It was really informative and great fun. I look forward to attending more courses with you in the future.
    Best wishes Michelle x

    Dan Winter I did this course and I found it not only an education but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience, Tracie has a lovely way about her that automatically puts you at ease in her presence, she is a lovely person and I’m glad that it was her that I chose to take this course with. On the face of it I found Tarot to be a real puzzle and a difficult task to take on but after only a short period not only did I have an understanding but I was also reading the cards like I’d been doing it for years! To say I was happy and felt proficient would be an understatement. Many thanks Tracie, I shall definitely be booking more courses with you. xxxx

    Sarah – I attended Tracie’s Tarot beginners course last month and I had a lovely day and I met other people with the same interest who were always very friendly … Tracie explained everything very clearly and step by step… A great atmosphere and learning experience….
    I am also looking forward to the psychic circle on Easter Monday and the advanced tarot course in June …. Can’t wait!! Kind wishes xxxx

    Anna Fisher – Attended the beginner’s tarot course with Tracie yesterday and absolutely loved it! Really enjoyed learning the meaning of the cards and practising with others. Highly recommend learning with Tracie as you feel at ease and welcomed immediately, along with great information and support throughout the course. Found Tracie’s knowledge and passion really inspiring and without hesitation would choose another course.

    Sibel – Attended the beginners tarot 21st April 2016 and now be going on to attend the advanced tarot in june.

    Jennette Pollard – We had a fantastic day Sunday on Tracie’s beginners tarot card course. Tracie certainly knows her stuff and made it so easy for us to understand. Looking forward to growing spiritually with Tracie on other courses in the future. X

    Emily Huges – I recently attended an angel card work shop with Tracey and can highly recommend it. It was perfect for me as a beginner, really informative but also very laid back and comfortable. I learned loads and have confidently given lots of readings already! Thank you Tracey xx

    Loran Parry – I attended Tracies tarot card beginners course in february and had a great day.
    Everybody was very friendly and welcoming. Because of the small class (there was 5 of us) it made plenty of time to pracice and take things in.
    Tracie was very helpful and continues to remain so.
    I have gone on to join her new circle, and have already booked another course .

    kelly Cranch – I attended tarot for beginners course with tracie and I really enjoyed the whole day the class was delivered in a way that made the information easy to remember was totally unhurried and I highly recommend it can’t wait to go on further courses with tracie xx

    I would thoroughly recommend the Angel Course that Tracie runs. Tracie made the course interesting and enjoyable. There are also opportunities to practise what you learn during the course. After attending the course I now have the confidence to give readings myself. Tracy V

    Jo Hanby – Recently learned the basic Tarot course with Tracie which I found very well instructed and by the end of the day we were able to do accurate readings on each other. Later that week I did 2 readings on skeptical friends and they admitted the readings were in fact accurate! Need more practice but really pleased I came away able to do readings immediately.

    Angela Wright – Today I completed a workshop/course on tarot with Tracie Long I found to course both informative and fun thanks to a brilliant teacher. I will definitely will be doing another. Fab day Thanks Tracie !

    Pat Fitzgerald – I completed the Tarot Training course with Tracie Long a while back and I found her an excellent mentor who now I regard as a friend.
    I would strongly recommend this course if it’s the path you desire to follow

    Lynn Joiner – Have completed many of the courses and workshops with the superb Tracie Long and looking forward to doing more xx

    Elizabeth O Donavan – I have completed a few courses with Tracie . Both the Angel and Tarot courses theses courses are truly amazing, I have know Tracie long for many years now and I must say she is a real genuine professional lady who is always there is help her students with anything they need . I would highly recommend everyone to do these courses xxxxxx

    Carol Bridger – I have completed a few courses and workshops with Tracie now including Tarot and Advanced Tarot and have found her to be an excellent teacher and mentor. Tracie has a down to earth approach to Tarot which I like!

    Kelly Marie Knowles- Lane – Tracie is a wonderful teacher and is very supportive. I have done several courses with her ; tarot beginners and advance. Angel course, rune course to name a few. I would highly recommend Tracie to anyone anything to learn more.

    Have not had time ,but went on beginners Tarot course which i really enjoyed ,very laid back and class had absolute novices like myself to people with a understanding. Tracie herself took course at just the right tempo so we all could understand . well worth the time and money! Thanks Ed Patten x

    Hi Tracie, thank you for the Beginners Tarot course, on 20th September. It was very informative and interesting. There was a lot of information to take in, but this was a good thing! It was great to be learning again. Tarot obviously takes a long time to learn, but it is very interesting. You obviously know your subject very well. Thank you for a great day’s learning and for your patience. Blessings, Susie. xxx


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