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On Sunday I had a email reading from the lovely Tracie. The reading surprised me . How Tracie picked up on one of my grandchildren was so very accurate and could not know this. When she spoke about my late father I got quite emotional . There was so much clarity in the messages . I feel now I can move on & look forward not back . Thank you Tracie for such a validation reading & the months ahead . I certainly recommend Tracie for a email reading . I have read it now about six times . Thank you so very much ….Ann ♡ ♡♡

One amazing lady x

Thank you so much for the reading Tracie You accurately told me about something that is going on the moment that has never been mentioned on Facebook. Thank you also for your gentle advice and for providing a compassionate ear with regards to the same. I would recommend you as a reader to anyone. Xxx

Thank u so much for d meeting yesterday tracie , absolutely fab , wish u the best if irish luck and charm , hope to c u again soon xxxxx love and light xxx

Just want to say thank you for the reading today …it lifted a lot of troubles and gives me hope on more things…

Thanks so much for a great reading 2day so happy i went 🙂

Thanks very much for today tracie you were fantastic .. Melissa xx

Thank you for my reading, it was so accurate xxx

It was a pleasure to witness such an accurate account of what’s going on and the hope that your message brought for what’s coming ahead. Thank you.

Thanx Tracie for the reading, it was spot on. I recommend everyone to have a reading from Tracie. xxx

Dear Tracie,
I imagine it is always wonderful to receive feedback, so I thought I should reply to let you know how things have been coming along.I let go of a friendship with a guy I had been in love with for years and quite frankly was just hurting me the more. I have weaker moments when we still talk but I don’t let him use me as he used to which was killing me inside.I recently got a wonderful new job that I am so excited about and hope to move in to my first new flat very soon. Whilst none of the above still do not give me the love and relationship I want, I have more love for me. And I guess we cannot ask for more than that.I am a much happier person and have found it wonderful to tick off things from your reading as they happen. In the picture I sent you I was wearing my nan’s necklace who passed away a few years back. I speak to my nan and grandad everyday and was wonderful to know that they are listening wherever they are now. You have a marvellous skill. Kind regards, Katie ( posted with permission from Katie )

Hello. Just a message to let you know that you was right. I asked u back in july if u knew sex of my baby. I was told today at my scan its a girl.. thank you xx

So…..Today I met and had a reading from a remarkable Medium (Tracie Pixie Long)..we also had a lot in common going on so Spirit and the Angels had obviously been behind the totally un-planned and random meeting putting us in the same place at that time. She was remarkably accurate and if you want to see what a good Medium is like when the Spirits connect Tracie would be a great example.

Tracie, thank you so much for your email reading tonight. It was a great follow on from your last reading which was so helpful and absolutely spot on month by month, guiding me through the ups and downs and allowing me to be prepared for what was coming, the good times as well as the bad. I feel like I can get more out of life with your foresight. Not only are you able to see events clearly but give great advice and explanation. I am very much looking forward to my next chapter… xx

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  1. We really enjoyed our readings Tracie they are spot on everytime im going to try the email reading next time so we dont have to worry about finding a day that suits us both.until next time 🙂 Maria and Sam xx


  2. The reading you did for me was spot on i got so much comfort from it as you mentioned certain things my dad had said to which was exactly wot he told me in a dream i had a few days prior to your reading i didn’t tell anyone about this dream so u know your stuff ❤ xx


  3. Hi Tracie

    Many Thanks for my reading. I cannot tell you how astounded and comforted I am by your opening statement about my Grandad. I have many times been to spiritual events in the hope he would give me a message and now I feel you have picked up on his presence from the minute you saw my photograph.
    You have definitely picked up the current emotions I am going through, with decision making, people and work and the comments you have made for the forthcoming months are also picking up on future plans I have for this year. I will take your advice where needed.

    I will indeed write you a review. Thank you so much for your reading and I will come back to you again.


  4. I would like to Thank Tracie for Love & Relationship Reading with Past life reading which was a bonus. Thank you so much for this lovely reading, advice and information. I find it very helpful and I understand more now of myself and my relationship. I would recommend everyone to have a reading from Tracie x


  5. hiya hun….just thought id let you know that reading i had done last year was nearly spot on! you did a reading night when i attended with a friend at a pub in harlow when Linda was there, you gave me a reading that i would be pregnant in feb but found out in march….you also told me it was most likely to be a girl which she is and is 3 weeks old tomorrow..you said she would most likely come in the 10th month or would be early but was born in november at 38+2….you also said my pregnancy would be medicated and it was towards the end for gestational diabetes which ive never had before and high blood pressure….Thankyou for bringing such a lovely gift into my life and giving me so much to look forward to when at the time there was nothing…..❤xxxx


  6. Thank You Tracie, my reading was spot on, very accurate. looking forward to what cards have said and light at end of tunnel especially regarding my health, career and money thanks you so much excellent reading x will definately book in the future


  7. I had a reading with Tracie today just to see if I’m in the right path. It was comforting and incitful. So much infromation to take in at once so happy I finally done it. I’m really excited to see what unfolds. Thank you so much for all the advice and information. 😊x


  8. Tracie is awesome, even though what i do is different I find her enlightening, a breath of fresh air. Her positive attitude is displayed in her posts with kindness that I hope spreads to others. Thank you

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