February Full Moon Magic


February Full Moon – Snow Moon/Quickening Moon

In February, the nights are cold and we begin to feel a bit of cabin fever. This month’s full moon is called the Quickening Moon – in some places, it’s referred to as the Ice Moon, for obvious reasons. In other places, it’s known as the Hunger Moon. It’s the time of year when our ancestors began to feel the bite of winter in their bellies, sitting by a dwindling fire in the long dark night, wondering if they had stockpiled enough bread or meat or grain to get them through until spring.

By now, most of us are tired of being cooped up in the house, and there’s a part of us that’s just longing for a bit of warmth. This is the season of Imbolc, the days when we know that if we can just hold on for a few more weeks, we might get lucky and see little green shoots peeking out through the snow and slush.

Correspondences for Feb’s Full Moon.

Colors: Purple and blue
Gemstones: Rose quartz, amethyst, jasper
Trees: Rowan, Myrtle
Gods: Brighid, Aphrodite, Juno, Mars
Herbs: Hyssop, sage, myrrh
Element: Fire

Moon Magic.

This is a month when new life is beginning, but still lies dormant. Pregnant animals, due in the spring, begin to feel the quickening of their unborn young. The earth itself is quickening, as seeds and bulbs far beneath the soil begin their journey towards the light. We know these things are coming and we know also that this is a good month to make plans for the future. We can dream and hope, and set goals for ourselves. Accept responsibility for mistakes you’ve made in the past, and move on. Magical workings this month should focus on personal achievements and advancement.

Try one or more of these for a bit of Moon magic this month.

Plant some seeds in a pot of warm soil, to represent not just the new life that is beginning in the earth, but also the things you hope to achieve this year. If you’re planning a magical herb or flower garden, select your seeds based on the needs of the coming seasons.

Perform a meditation to do a bit of self evaluation. Do you need to rethink the baggage you’re carrying around? Maybe this is the year you make big changes? A bit of reflective meditation is a good way to gain focus not only on what you hope to achieve, but the path you’ll need to take to make things happen.

Do a winter full moon ritual, to reflect on darkness of the season, and know that without it, there can be no light. Think about what brings darkness to your own life, and recognize that if you never faced the dark, you’d have far less appreciation for the light.

This is a season of hearth and home. If you’re someone who’s crafty, get hands on with your magic. Develop your skills and hone your talents, and channel that creativity into magical purposes knit a warm hat or scarf to wear for outdoor rituals, sew a new altar cloth, craft some jewellery that reflects your beliefs, or write a song or poem honouring the gods and goddesses of your tradition.

Thanks to its proximity to Imbolc, the Quickening Moon season is a time of magical energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess, of new beginnings, and of fire. It’s a great time to focus on divination and increasing your own magical gifts and abilities. Take advantage of these concepts, and plan your workings accordingly.

 February’s Correspondences.

NATURE SPIRITS: house faeries, both of home and plants in the home

HERBS: Balm of Gilead, hyssop, myrrh, sage, spikenard.

COLORS: light blue and violet

FLOWER: Primrose

SCENTS: wisteria, heliotrope

STONES: amethyst, jasper, rock crystal

TREES: rowan, laurel, cedar

ANIMALS: Otter and the Unicorn

BIRDS: Eagle and the chickadee

DEITIES: Brigit, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter,
Persephone, Aphrodite.

POWER – ADVICE: Energy is working towards the surface, purification,healing and growth. Accept and forgive yourself for past errors, time to learn to love yourself and to make future plans.

Witchy ways to celebrate February.

Decorate your home and altar with candles to welcome the return of the sun. Place a pot of bulbs in your home as your magical focus.

Make Brighid dolls from stems of straw; light a fire to welcome in the new.

Get out and about to search for signs of spring.

This is a good time to find a wand, so hunt for the one that’s meant for you and spend time focusing on it and making it individual to you.

Organize your Book of Shadows to get ready for the start of the spring.

Use candle magic to spell for the stirrings of spring and any tiny flickers of ideas that grow.

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Past lives, how many have you had ?

past life9

For a lot of us, past lives are many lessons that have been learned. We may have carried over fears or emotions from previous lives that have an impact on our lives today. Some people believe that experiences or feelings they have in this lifetime can be traced to an experience in a past incarnation. If you are afraid of heights for example, it could be because in a past life, you died after a traumatic fall. I have always insisted that I would be cremated never buried; I know this goes back to one of my past lives. You know when you meet a person for the first time and they seem familiar, it may be because you’ve known them in a past life. There is a popular theory that souls tend to reunite from one lifetime to another, so someone you loved in a past life may appear in the form of someone you love in this lifetime.

If you think that you may have had a past life, or lives, then actively trying to discover what information you can about those lives can help open doors to self discovery in your current life. There are several different methods you can use to take a look into your past lives.

Past Life Regression, typically done by someone with experience, a past life regression is one in which the Seeker is guided through a hypnotic state by another person. During a past life regression session, it’s not uncommon for the Seeker to feel that they are in another location, or of the opposite sex, or even speak in another language or with an accent.

Meditation, a past life meditation is an exercise you can do on your own or in a group, it may take some practice. You can achieve this by allowing your mind to wander back through your current lifetime, to earlier memories, and then telling your mind to go back to the lifetime before. Although this doesn’t always work for everyone, you may find yourself replaying memories from what seems to be another lifetime. Shamanic meditations work well within a group practice.

Dream Analysis, some people believe they can learn about their past lives from dreams. Are there recurring events or places that show up in your dreams? Perhaps you’ve never been to Rome in this lifetime, but you continually dream of wandering through the city.  Maybe you could try keeping a dream diary.

Once you’ve learned about what you suspect may be a past life, it can be fun as well as enlightening to do some historical research. Although this may not confirm the existence of a past life although I have know people personally where they have. What it can do is help rule out things that might be just wishful thinking or just your imagination. By confirming timelines and history, you can help narrow it down a bit.

I’m personally doing the research on my own past lives I have had nine and I’m now in my tenth.  The one that I feel the need to find out about is my seventh this is when I was a witch. I now live in the same area and do the same type of work which would have been considered witchcraft in those days. I am the same age now as I was when died, I was hung. I also work in the same street.  I need to know what my name was as I feel I was buried in the local church. I will be writing a book on all my past lives, I have had a few interesting ones that I know of already. I will share some of the information with you in a few weeks time.

If this is something of interest to you I do run Shamanic Meditations every now and again. I also run two circles and it’s during these  we also gather information about our past lives.

You can also have a past life reading by email using past life cards, info and prices are on my website.

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