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Tracie is an International Psychic & Medium with many years experience she specialises in Tarot, Angels, Spirit Messages from loved ones and Future Forecasts.  With many clients from all around the world, Tracie does a lot of readings by email this enables her clients to have a reading whenever they want.

Take a quick look at the feed back page to see what other people think before you decide.

Once you have chosen your reading below just drop me an email to  include any special requests don’t forget to attach your photo. ( you can also use the contact form below ) Then make your payment by clicking on the buy now button below then relax and wait for your reading to arrive in your in box.

*For email readings you will need to send me a photo ( just a head shot ) of yourself.

*You can now also book a reading by Skype or Face Time, once you have made your payment please email over a the days and times that you are avaliable.

Not sure what to choose, let me guide you.

Tarot Readings can help guide you through a troubled situation when often emotions are running high and you’re plagued with indecision and clouded thoughts, by showing your present and possible future outcomes, you can then gain a fresh perspective on your life.

For many, the most distressing times are those when we are confused about how we feel or unsure of what decisions or choices we should make, and in such times it can really help to receive some guidance.


Reading Options:

Mediumship Reading  – A message from a loved one – £30 half an hour – £45 for 45mins – £65 up to an hour.

Full Tarot Reading with a short spirit message £65.00

Full Tarot Reading ( 12 month forecast ) £45.00 by Face Time or Skype – by Email £55.00

6 Month Tarot Forecast with a remote reading for a loved one or family member £45.00 – by Email £55

6 Month Tarot  Forecast £30.00

Tarot Relationship Reading / Love  £30.00

Birthday Tarot Card Reading £35.00

Tarot Personality & Soul Card Reading £40.00 ( I will need your full name and date of birth.)

Mini 3 card Tarot Reading – One Question – £20.00









Angel readings help you put your life into perspective. With the help of the angelic realms we can help shed light on where you are now, whats blocking you and where your heading in the future. Your Angels want to encourage you step into your power, help you recognise and clear any perceived blocks, they give you guidance to help you manifest your goals.

Reading Options:

Angel Reading £45.00

Angel Soul Reading £50.00 ( I will need your full name and date of birth.)

Mini Angel Reading £25.00


Past Life Readings It can be good sometimes to gain some insight if you’re feeling stuck or to help you find more focus in your life. To access abilities that you may have developed in the past, if you keep feeling that you should be doing or trying something new or if you just want to gain a new perspective on your current challenges or you find you have difficulties over coming Traumas or Phobias this can help to understand where they may have stemmed from.

Reading Options:

Insight  Reading – £30.00

In depth Reading £ 60.00

*Private One To One Readings home visits are £65 for an hour Plus travel costs.

Visit me @The Wellness Barn, Absoulute House, Coptfold Farm, Writtle Rd, Margaretting, CM4 0EL. By appointment only. £65.00

To contact me email

*To complete your booking click on the payment link below*







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