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Being a natural born psychic & medium it’s been the norm for me from a very young age having a connection with spirit so I really don’t know any different.

I embraced my gift in my early thirties like many readers I spent a long time practising and fine-tuning my readings as well as studying many subjects, I have been working in the industry professionally for almost 30 years.

I love to help those that are seeking to make a positive difference in their life; this may be in relation to a love interest, a financial problem, career or perhaps a more personal issue. I have often been praised for the timings and accuracy of my readings you can see my reviews on my feedback page.

I completed my teaching degree in 2011 and enjoy teaching my own courses and workshops. I also like to travel and often go aboard to work. I specialize in Tarot, Angels, Spiritual Development, Meditation, Manifesting & Coaching, although I do teach other subjects it often depends on what sparks my interest at the time, at the moment I’m really into the Moon cycles.

I do a lot of readings and coaching by email, face time or skype this enables my clients to have a reading or coaching session whenever they want. Most of my clients have busy schedules or live abroad and cannot fit a face to face sessions so this can really help for convenience.

In 2013 I started working with of one the largest psychic TV companies providing phone readings, everyone that completes my advanced tarot courses will have the opportunity once qualified to work as a reader for one of the largest psychic groups.

Another passion for me is my job as a Civil Celebrant, I qualified in 2016  now I also work as a Spiritual Celebrant this is another job that enables me to work with spirit as I often have contact from the deceased when putting together a funeral service for a family.

For enquires, affiliate links, media & event bookings email Amy, shes my assistant at

For training courses & workshops visit my other website.


Media links

Tracie – ITV Daybreak – click on the link to watch the interview. 

Tracie – Podcast  – click on the link to watch the interview. Links

6 thoughts on “Tracie

  1. I have had two readings with Tracie and she was spot on everything she told me was wonderful and I left her feeling so loved and very much at peace with myself and the world. She a kind, loving and a wonderful human lady. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me.💜💜

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  2. I’ve just an amazing reading from Tracie Long she used her shaman cards and what she told me was so accurate it was blowing how she could tell me things about myself past and present was truly unbelievable so would highly recommend and reading to anyone.


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