5 Simple Grounding Tips for Kids

Belinda Connelly

You’ve probably heard of “grounding,” right?

Grounding is what we call it when we plug back in to the Earth.

Imagine it like recharging your phone. You know the feeling you get after visiting the beach or a national park? The clarity, energy and feeling of connection?

Have you ever considered that your children might need to “plug in” too?

In fact, it’s super important for kids and probably the number one thing I recommend to parents to help with a whole range of issues including sleep, anxiety and sibling tension.

When we become ‘ungrounded’ we kind of vacate our physical body because it doesn’t feel safe anymore. The environment or situation might be overwhelming, chaotic or scary. Your child might take on a glazed look in their eyes almost like ‘the lights are on, but no one’s home!’

Your child might become very loud in an effort to drown out the perceived ‘chaos’…

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