Let’s Get Oily, Baby!

Miss Sha - Inexplicable Things

So you want a simple way to boost the oomphof your spells.

You can ask 10 different folks this same question and walk away with 10 different answers. There are many ways to boost the effectiveness of spells and conjure work – but, when the Swamp Witch wants to get down to business, she turns to her Conjure Oils (also known as Condition Oils).


These oils are wonderful little powerhouse concoctions of herbally-infused oils, in a base carrier. They can contain whole, cut or powdered herbs, minerals, essential oils and curios. And they basically bring together the properties and elements of the herbs and ingredients into one concentrated potion, in order to add amplification and empowerment to nearly any object or working.

The time required to correctly create these oils is a labor of love.

Now Cher, lemme tell you – not all Conjure Oils are created equal. And…

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