WINTER SOLSTICE ~ Celebrating the Return of the Sun

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WINTER SOLSTICE ~ Celebrating the Return of the Sun


For thousands of years, people all over the Planet Earth have celebrated the Winter Solstice, the timewhen the Sun returns after the winter’s cold and darkness.

In pre-Christian Northern Europe, this festival was called Yule. The celebration of Yule predates the Christian holiday by thousands of years.

The etymology of the word Yule has been the object of much debate. Some believe it to be derived from the old Anglo-Saxon word Iul, which means wheel and connected to the Celtic concept of the Wheel of the Year. Other linguists say that this interpretation is unlikely, since the word for Yule, which they spell Yehwla, predates the invention of the wheel by more than a thousand years. Still, others have attempted to trace the word to Julius Caesar, or to Jolnir, which is another name for…

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