Pyromancy is magic using fire.


When you perform a spell watch how the candle behaves.

If the candle burns very quickly then the magic may work quickly, some witches also believe that it won’t last long and they perform the spell again after a while.

If it burns very slowly then it’s a sign that the spell will take some time for you see a result.

If the flame waves, hisses, shrinks, spins, or left to right like a no, or goes out it means no to your question, and the spell may not work or the time isn’t right.

If the flame grows tall, stays calm, moves back and forward like nodding yes, it means yes to your question.

When spirits are present it will come alive and try to burn you when you try to touch the flame. If it grows tall and has a blue tinge, one spirit is present. Two flames on one wick means two spirits are present.

If the candle creates a lot of smoke it can indicate that someone is working against you hindering the outcome of the spell.

You can also use numbers for like to your question. 1 flicker: yes, 2 flickers: no or represent how many days, months or years to your question.

For the more advanced witches using this method, communication with spirits is best done on Wednesday with a blue candle, love questions on Friday with a green candle, all divination with a white candle on full moon.

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