Aries & The Emperor


Aries  did you know your tarot card is The Emperor and that your souls journey in this life time is to overcome difficulties, by being able to create order out of chaos by carefully categorising your thoughts and to solve the problems. It is also about having balance and structure and sticking to your plans and seeing things through until the end. You have a strong desire for material gain or accomplishment to achieve this you must stay on track to achieve this you must stay on track and complete one thing at a time.

Major Acarna Card No: 4 – The Emperor / Aries – the soul realizes the need to act and create structure.

Archetypal Purpose: The father, the protector, the disciplinarian, the courageous one, the responsible one, the pioneer, the builder, the warrior, the business man, the politician, the engineer, the economist, the teacher.

The Emperor is about authority, status and legal matters, following rules and regulations. He establishes law and order by applying principles or guidelines to specific situations. There may be dealings with contracts and documents, something may need your attention soon and this could be in connection to a new job, moving home or business matters. It is also reminder to make a payment of any fines or even managing debt and seeking help with this if need be or abiding by the law. Also anything in connection with court orders and county judgements or those that work within the legal profession.

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