Sacred Space


The most important sacred space we have is our aura. We can choose what we bring in to this space or even allow to enter it. We need to have respect for our boundaries, and to do whatever is necessary when these boundaries are crossed or invaded.

I met up with someone recently and my first reaction, was how can I get away from this person, but instead I stayed and exchange pleasantries, well that was a lesson learned after a few minutes I started to take on board there negative energy and became a reflection of them, which showed its self as anger, afterwards I thought wow was that really me! I know it wasn’t, as I was perfectly happy before I met them. So trust your gut reaction and if it’s not pleasant one make a quick excuse and get out of there.

I think we all know people who have a negative impact on our energy. This can be due to them being Jealous, demanding, negative or just impossible to please. These kinds of connections drain us and then there is the more obvious ‘energy vampires’ who seem to take so much from us they can leave us feeling depleted and lacking in confidence.

If you’re a Sensitive, you are going to encounter these kinds of people throughout your lives and you will need to keep your aura, the energy field that surrounds us, replenished and strengthened at all times, so you will be able to deal with them. This may mean cutting off contact with them completely or just say ‘No’ to them.

Having boundaries not only keeps you and your energy safe, it allows us to grow and become more respectful when dealing with others. Having good boundaries allows you to communicate honestly but not hurtfully and allows you to come from a place of integrity which then builds trust between you and others.

Shamans and Wiccans can easily re-charge their auras, they don’t even need to be outside although it probably easier go to walk in a park or open space to give you an extra boost.

If you’re at home all you need do is close your eyes and stand in an open doorway or in the garden so you can feel the breeze on you and concentrate on filtering out the noise and finding the sounds of nature, be it the sound of rain, birdsong or the wind in the trees or just feeling the fresh air and sunlight on your face. Then imagine light and air flowing, through you recharging, cleansing and energising your aura.

Feel the energy and imagine it creating a shining, radiant energy field that nothing can permeate unless you choose to let it in. Then Imagine someone negative is standing in front of you imagine their negative energy re-bounding away back towards them leaving you unaffected.  You can also imagine yourself saying ‘No’ to their usual demands or tactfully telling them that you are going to be busy for a while and won’t have time to see them.

Now know that you can re-charge this sacred space, your aura, whenever you feel the need to and know that now your boundaries are firmly in place. You can now approach negative people and situations with a fresh sense of confidence. Strong boundaries build strong souls and keep your energy alive.

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