Fallen Angels


There appear to be 3 types of fallen angels

Earthbound spirits. Deceased people who are earthbound because they are materially-minded and don’t want to leave the fortunes they amassed, the home that they built, and in many cases, they don’t want to leave the high of the addictions they suffered from. Some earthbound deceased people are afraid they’ll go to hell, so they avoid the tunnel of light which would take them to heaven.

The Ego. The energy of fear from our own ego, or the influence of other people’s egos gives us unreliable and even dangerous guidance, to take action from fear.  Highly empathic people can sometimes absorb fear-energy, and need to be vigilant about living a clean-energy lifestyle and avoiding negativity as much as possible.

Angels gone astray.  While the word “fallen” and “angel” are oxymorons (they are opposite words that don’t go together).

So how do you know for sure that you’re really speaking to an angel of God, and not to a fallen angel? Test their character:

True angels follow God, so they guide you to do the right thing (i.e., selfless service; having compassion; humbleness and humility; never hurting anyone; generosity; etc.)

Fallen angels speak about selfish concerns, and they try to make you feel “special” (separated) or that you’re more gifted than or better than others, or that you’re “chosen.”

True angels share all of these qualities, such as being ego-less; tireless; giving; loving; omnipresent; etc.

Fallen angels have egos and complain of being tired, overworked, or that too many people are calling upon them.

True angels uplift you and bring joy into your heart.

Fallen angels drain your energy.

True angels encourage you to speak to God.

Fallen angels will say that they are the only guide to listen to.

True angels will help you to have compassion for everyone, and realize that we are all equal.

Fallen angels will guide you toward egotistical beliefs, such as that you are a chosen one, a prophet, or especially gifted, the incarnation of some quality, a tribute, etc.

Those who listen to fallen angels can also be recognized by their words and actions. They need help, and are not to be followed.

Their opinions are influenced by lower energies, so they would not be trustworthy guides. Anyone who claims to be a special healer, a gifted teacher, or in other ways “special” is influenced by the ego.

Anyone who says that their angels have egos is either channelling fallen angels or their own ego.  Anyone who asks you to do something that is against your better judgement is not someone to be listened to.

If in doubt, ask for protection from fallen angels and from those who are listening to fallen angels.

The three types of fallen angels are attracted to negativity, fear, and drama. Worrying about fallen angels is an invitation to them. Instead, ask protection, and it will be given.

Fallen angels find love and positivity to be boring, and will stay away from those who are on the right path. However, they may be threatened by someone who is bringing love to others, and may try to tempt you with fame, fortune, drugs, physical pleasures, and other distractions.

So stay on the straight-and-narrow, trust your intuition and avoid anyone or anything that isn’t a reflection of pure love.

Aspects are taken from Doreen Virtue Blog without the mentions of religion.

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