Aquarians Birth Tarot Card


Aquarians did you know your tarot card is The Fool and that your souls journey in this life time is to overcome your difficulties, this could be with phobias, obsessive  relationships, over analysing  everything but most of all its having the courage to face up to things and walk away  if you have too and start again. You may also have trouble with overcoming conflict and leaning to let things go emotionally, being sensitive you will always feel that people either don’t get you or understand you.

Major Acarna Card No: 0 – The Fool /Aquarius – the soul is born anew, pure, wild and free.

Archetypal Purpose: The genius, inventor, traveller, entertainer, mad scientist, revolutionist, the musician, comedian, the pied piper, the stripogram.

The Fool is often the beginning of a journey it can mean facing your fears and stepping into the unknown. Do you need to take a leap of faith and just do something that you have always wanted to do, then trust that the Universe will lead you in the right direction and all that you wish for will be successful. Maybe you need to be free from worry and stress, try living in the moment rather than planning too far ahead. Sometimes we need to learn to let go of attachments in order to have a fuller and a more fulfilled life, so take chance start that business, change your job or move to a new area, see where life leads you we are not meant to stay the same our life is a journey.

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