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Gemini did you know your tarot card is The Lovers Card and that your souls journey in this life time is to overcome difficulties within your relationships, this would be both romantic and family. Maybe you either give too much or not give enough and sometimes finding the right balance can be a problem. You may also have trouble with overcoming conflict and leaning forgiveness especially if you feel others has done you wrong. Your stubborn side also finds it hard to apologise you could end up left out in the cold before you get round to sorting things out.

Major Acarna Card No: 6 – The Lovers / Gemini – the soul feels the call of choice, temptation and connection.

Archetypal Purpose: The communicator, the diplomat, the mediator, the couple’s counsellor, the teacher, the escort.

If you are finding yourself at odds within a relationship at the moment, this can be auguring or fiction or something more serious like a third person maybe involved. Then you must consider doing the right thing and consider all the consequences of your actions. The choices are never really easy or obvious, the choice is often very much a right or wrong, because the wrong one will almost certainly take you down a negative path. You must be completely honest with yourself in your current situation. Maybe you need to examine your motives, your feelings, your options and your personal values. Because something is going to change soon and this experience may look negative on the surface but later may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

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