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Historically witches practiced food magic along with a variety of other tools to add power to their rituals. The ancients were known to eat foods containing a specific energy for the reasons of, strength and safety in battle, successful childbirth, prosperity, love and sex. Around the world food is still used for magic or rituals. No wedding is complete without a wedding cake, and when the cake is eaten, a symbol for health and happiness. On birthdays candles are blown out and we make a wish, this in itself is an act of magic, and the person blowing out the candles often feels a sense of wellbeing and happiness when this is done. Food is a magical tool and can be used for positive change in your life

Well everyone has to eat, and if your food is prepared with an intention for love, money or protection, cooking will help you to manifest what you want out of life. As you practice your magic cookery you will find a new joy in the ritual of food preparation. Discover the magic of food by utilising the energy contained within. The preparation of food, with a particular intention in mind, is old magic. Look at food as sacred, let the act of preparing, cooking and eating food be a sacred act. Your kitchen can be a place of powerful magic, work slowly and deliberately to hone your craft.

Magic Food Tips

When preparing foods for specific magical purposes, cook with purpose and care. Keep your goal in mind, love, money, protection, health, fertility, sex, strength, psychic awareness. Always stir clockwise, clockwise motion is thought to be in harmony with the apparent movement of the sun in the sky, and has been linked with life, health and success. You can even cut foods into shapes or present them as a symbol of your magical intention, such as hearts for love a Pentagram for protection etc. By contemplating the energy of love, money or protection, you can bring magic into your kitchen each day

Foods for Love

For centuries witches have been using foods to create powerful magic, and love magic is one of the most favoured. The secret recipes and secret spices that have been used have always been a witches most closely guarded secret. Witches spend many hours carefully crafting their love magic and using the secret ingredients containing the energy of love.

I have listed a few of the most popular one’s for you below.

Foods for Love and their Magical Properties

Rye – Love – Planetary energies Venus

Cakes – Fertility – Love

Make a birthday cake for someone – Prepare with love – positive energy

Chocolate – Powerful love stimulant

Vanilla – Powerful love stimulant

Cherry pie – Love

Lime pie – Love – purification

Rhubarb – Love – protection – Planetary energies Venus

Sweet potato – Love – sex – Planetary energies Venus

Tomato – Health – money – love – protection – Planetary energies Venus

Apple – Love – health – peace – Planetary influences Venus

Avocado – Beauty – love – Planetary influences Venus

Lemon – Love – happiness – health

Lime – Love – health – Yang energies Sun

Orange – Love – health – Yang energies

Strawberry – Love – Planetary energies Venus

Basil – Love – protection – money

Caraway – Sex – love – Planetary energies Mercury

Cardamom – Love – sex – Planetary energies Venus

Chicory – Love – Yang energies Sun

Cinnamon – Love – psychic awareness – money – Yang energies Sun

Cloves – Love – money – protection – Planetary energies Jupiter

Coriander – Love – sex – Planetary energies Mars

Ginger – Love – Money – Planetary influences Mars

Liquorice – Love – sex – Planetary energies Venus

Marjoram – Love – peace – Planetary influences Mercury

Poppy – Fertility – love – Yin energies Moon

Rose – Love – happiness – psychic awareness – Planetary energies Venus

Thyme – Love – psychic awareness – purification

Honey – Purification – health – love – sex – happiness – spirituality – wisdom – sexuality – wisdom – Yang energies Sun

Sugar – Love – Planetary energies Venus

Chocolate – Love – money – Planetary energies Mars

Foods for Prosperity and their Magical Properties

Barley – Money – fertility – sex – Planetary energies Venus goddess of love

Oat – Money – Planetary energies Venus

Rice – Money – sex – fertility – protection – Yang energies Sun

Wheat – purity – fertility – Wheat and all dough products bring prosperity and money into your life – Loving energies of Venus

Cabbage – Protection – money – Planetary energies Moon

Carrot – Sex – Planet Mars – Planetary energies Moon

Greens (all greens) – Money

Lettuce – Peace – money – Yin energies Moon

Pumpkin – Healing – money – Yin energies Moon

Spinach – Money – Planetary energies Jupiter

Tomato – Health – money – love – protection – Planetary energies Venus

Banana – Spirituality – love – money – Planetary influences Mars

Blackberry – Money – sex – Planetary influences Venus

Allspice – Money – healing – Planetary energies Jupiter

Dill – Conscious mind, money, health, love – Planetary influences Mercury

Ginger – Love – Money – Planetary influences Mars

Parsley – Protection – sex – money – Planetary influences Mercury

Peanut – Money – Planetary energies Jupiter

Tea – Conscious mind – money – courage – Planetary energies Mars

Foods for Protection and their Magical Properties

Onion – Protection – health – Planetary energies Mars

Potato – Protection – compassion – Yin energies Moon

Broccoli – Protection – Planetary energies Moon

Brussels sprouts – Protection – Planetary energies Moon

Chili – Protection – Planetary energies Mars

Chives – Protection – health – Planetary energies Mars

Leek – Protection – strength – Planetary energies Mars

Sunflower – Protection – success – Yang energies Sun

Tomato – Health – money – love – protection – Planetary energies Venus

Watercress – Protection – fertility – Planetary influences Mars

Cranberry – Protection – Planetary energies Moon

Pineapple – Healing – money – protection – love – Yang energies Sun

Basil – Love – protection – money

Bay leaf – Protection – psychic awareness – healing

Black Pepper – Protection – purification – Planetary energies Mars

Cloves – Love – money – protection – Planetary energies Jupiter

Fennel – Strength – health – protection – Planetary influences Mercury

Garlic – Protection – health – Planetary influences Mars

Parsley – Protection – sex – money – Planetary influences Mercury

Salt – Grounding – protection

Vinegar – Purification – protection – Planetary energies Saturn

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