Money Horoscopes – June


Aries If you’ve ever thought about coaching or teaching others and making money doing it, June is your month. Between Saturn in your house of education and Mercury in your communications house between the 12th and the 29th you couldn’t ask for a better time. For every craft, there is a student.

Taurus Your ruling planet, Venus, will be in Gemini and your house of money through the 17th. Use this time to add to your income; sell the crafts you’ve made or simply ask the boss for a raise. After that, Venus moves into Cancer and it’s a great time for you to take a well deserved vacation, even if you don’t travel anywhere.

Gemini Money-minded Venus will be in your sun sign until mid month, which is great. However on the 2nd and the 3rd she’ll form hard angles to Neptune and Saturn, respectively, and that could make it difficult to do anything productive with money. No worries! Your June Money Horoscope gets better after the 12th.

Cancer As the moon child, you are always guided by the phases of the Moon. The start of this month’s Full Moon could make you aware of unhappiness or uncertainty around your current employment. If so, keep cool and make a plan. It’s easier to find work when you have work. Venus is there to guide you.

Leo Your June Money Horoscope is giving you the opportunity to get more clients and make more money, but it won’t come without a price. The demands of work will clash with the demands of home and family. Try to find a balance that works for you and everyone else.

Virgo If you’ve felt like leaving on a job that seems to be all work and no pay, don’t give up quite yet. You have lovely Venus in your house of career until the 17th. As if that wasn’t enough to persuade the powers that be, there’s the 11th through the 12th when this astrological energy appears to be on steroids thanks to Uranus. Plus Mercury, the money minded messenger, joins your career house too. You may finally get paid what you’re worth.

Libra Powerful, anxious Mars has been in your house of money since May 27, continuing on its retrograde journey that will end on June 29. That retrograde may be the one thing keeping you from vigorously spending or buying a big ticket item. That is, unless you’re buying something you’ve wanted for a long time. Take a look at the budget first! Splurge if you can; wait if you can’t. Avoid regrets later.

Scorpio Karmic Saturn has long been in your house of money, teaching you about the power of money to have more, to save more. Look to June 3 when Venus in your house of shared money opposes Saturn. One likes to spend; one likes to save. You will have to find balance within your budget. Do it for your future.

Sagittarius Possessive Pluto is in Capricorn and your house of income. After the 17th, Venus will be in the opposite sign of Cancer. Between then and the 30th, you and someone you share money with may be at odds about a financial decision. Don’t let your emotions take charge of fiscal matters; come to a mutual agreement.

Capricorn You’re used to striving to get to the top, and June will start off by pushing you to do more especially in the first week. If you’re not yet at the top of the mountain, it’s time to propel yourself forward and receive the recognition you deserve. People will swear your talents are magical and they will pay you well.

Aquarius When it comes to opportunities around making money, not all is what it seems. On the 29th of June, Mars, who is in your career house, will stop for a moment before moving direct again. This may switch things up a bit. Hang in there; you have more than one way to handle this. You’ll get what you deserve, just perhaps not in the way your envisioned originally.

Pisces Your June Money Horoscope points to perhaps a switch in careers for you, Pisces. You’ve always been talented at lots of things, but some you love doing more than others. Life changing, lesson teacher Saturn and your ruling planet, Neptune, give you a glimpse at turning your dream into a long-term reality. Take the leap if you dare.

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