Procrastination, are you in your own way?


Do you want to live a more fulfilling life?  So what’s stopping you! Do you keep thinking I will start that soon then put it off, then do something completely different knowing it’s going to sabotage what you want to do or should be doing, or do you just procrastinate. This is called self sabotage and it can create problems for us all and interfere with our long term and even short term goals.

Did you know that the number one self sabotaging behaviours is procrastination, some others that you will be aware of are drinking, comfort eating, being afraid, generally putting ourselves down with feelings that we are not good enough and a classic, telling ourselves we can’t do something so why bother in the first place, and the end result is nearly always the same and it is not good.

Most people are not even aware that what they are doing is sabotage, a lot of what’s happening happens at a subconscious level or happens in a way that it is believed to be helping.  There is no guarantee that someone will stop doing something even if certain behaviour is recognised to be self sabotaging to them but it is a possible to overcome some acts of self sabotage. You can stop it and get out of your own way.

First of all you need to recognise that what you are doing is self sabotage and recognise the activity or behaviour and any linked behaviour.

A lot of self sabotage comes as a result of negative thinking. Whilst it is challenging to change instant thoughts you can change how you respond. Slow down, pause and consider the positives and the negatives and then choose the positives. Change the way you think.

You next need to take action, move forward with whatever you need to do. Believing in your positives thoughts. Once you have got into what you need to do and need to accomplish you feel more positive and this in itself removes that self sabotaging habit, especially the procrastination that is often top of the list for us all.

A positive, thankful and grateful mind creates a very different attitude in a person. Look around you and while you may see misery, debt or even a huge work load. Take a second look, find something to be grateful for, find two and then find ten and feel the immediate change within you.  Self sabotage can be defeated by being grateful and thankful.

The most important thing is to reward yourself, a holiday and new handbag whatever it is you would like plan the reward; this will allow you to focus on something positive when you have done what you need to do.

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