Need some help call upon Archangel Raguel


Archangel Raguel is known as the angel of justice and harmony.

Raguel means friend of God. He works for God’s will to be done among people, and also among his fellow angels and archangels. He wants you to experience the best life possible. He also helps bring justice to unjust situations.

Since Raguel is very concerned about justice, he often delivers strength to people who are working to fight injustice. He may be at work around you. Raguel is said to dispense judgment and justice should the other angels not be able to agree on a fair course of action.

Raguel is also the angel to pray too if you feel that no one else will listen and that you’re being treated unfairly, either at work or at the home.

Raguel is a leader within the group of angels known as principalities they are famous for helping people create order in their lives, such as by inspiring them to practice spiritual subjects on a regular basis. Principality angels such as Raguel also give people who are in charge of others (such as government leaders) wisdom to know how to best organise their programs.

Raguel is also good for guidance for repairing relationships by sending guidance on how to repair a broken or estranged relationship. Archangel Raguel brings harmony to all relationships, including those of friendship, romance, family, and business. Sometimes he’ll instantly heal the relationship, and other times he’ll send intuitive guidance to you. You’ll recognise this guidance as repetitive gut feelings, thoughts, visions, or signs that lead you to take positive action.

Raguel is often depicted holding a judge’s gavel, which represents his work fighting injustice in the world so that good will triumphs over evil.

Associated with the colour Pale Blue or White
Day of the week is Friday
Star Sign Taurus

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