Common signs that your loved ones are around.


The most common way to be visited by deceased loved ones is while you dream if you have ever had one of these dreams they very different to normal dreams. During these dreams loved ones may talk to you give you messages or they will just let you know they are okay.
Many people report sensing the presence of their loved one around them after their passing. You might feel like someone is sitting next to you. Many have said that they have felt the seat or bed go down as if someone just sat down.
Feeling their touch is more common like a hug, a brush of your hair, holding your hand, or a gentle touch on your back, these are some of the most comforting forms of connection that can happen.
Smells like the fragrance of cigarette or cigar smoke, perfume, flowers, or cooking. If you smell smoke, and no one smokes in your house, except a deceased loved one chances are they are letting you know they are around, visiting, and saying hello.
It is possible to hear the voice of your deceased loved one externally, as though they are actually speaking to you, maybe it’s just a word. Many talk to loved ones on the Other Side, in their mind.
For those on the Other Side, use energy to connect many of those in Heaven learn that the energy in electrical devices is quite easy to manipulate. For this reason, it is actually quite common for those in Spirit to manipulate TV, lights and toys to get your attention. They can turn things on and off, change channels, and make things move.
Songs that are meaningful to you or your lost loved one are a good way for those on the Other Side to deliver to you messages, when that song just comes on when you’re feeling upset and you hear it at the right moment.
Phone calls, from unknown numbers, with nothing but static on the other line. Since a phone is an electrical object, manipulating the energy to make a phone call is not much different than other electrical activity. Your deceased loved ones are often very eager to let you know they are part of your life and with you when you least expect it.
While many people can feel their deceased loved ones watching over them, sometimes, it’s hard to be that perceptive, or to be that sure that what we felt was really what we thought it was. Those in Spirit will provide us with signs that we cannot ignore.
Once you receive a sign, time and time again, you will know this is a message from the Other Side.
The signs can and will come to you in a variety of ways, and the key is keep your eye open for synchronicities and anything out of the ordinary.
Spirit likes to place things in our path that were significant to them or significant to us. Some people see feathers, coins, and other small objects usually in their path or in odd places.
Animals, such as a butterfly, bird, ladybug or dragonfly. If an animal does something usual, like land in front of or on you, stare at you through a window, or call in your path, this could be a sign.
Spirits can send us flowers in unexpected ways. If you receive a flower sign, it could be in the form of a flower that is blooming out of season, like that one daffodil in the garden.
Sometimes, those in Spirits will move objects to get your attention. Like a photograph, do you have one that keeps falling or have something is always being misplaced or lost.
Also, moving objects will often times create noise, which can make you take notice too.
Seeing an apparition, while you are awake, with your eyes open, is common, that glimpse through he window or a shadow by the door it’s not always your mind playing tricks.

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