Remote Viewing


Remote Viewing is a psychic skill originally used by intelligence to gather information for the secret services. It is the ability to acquire accurate knowledge or information that is not readily available like locations, objects and events. This and can be in the past, present, or future.

To develop this skill, there are a few things needed for the viewing to take place, a quiet environment a calm and relaxed state of mind and of course a target or object also a pen and paper. Then you would need to find out if you are right, so write down all the information you get. Try and work remotely with a friend so you can then get some feedback. Keep a journal of your progress, with practice your remote viewing sessions can last up to an hour.

Do I have to be a psychic to be a remote viewer?
Apparently not, some of the best case studies for remote viewing were done during the military years. This is when they would get sceptic inquirer from the CIA or FBI to take a simple remote viewing experiment when they wanted proof that remote viewing really worked, and apparently it did.
I know psychics and mediums that use this skill on occasions when working, to enable them to see around someone’s home or a place or view an object that would be known the sitter to enhance the reading.

So what does a remote viewer see?
Remote viewing comes in small amounts of information to start with, like pictures that may come into your mind. It’s not just pictures it can also be in the form of a taste or a smell even a feeling. As you progress it then becomes stronger and the more information you get or see this can lead to being able draw an object or you may even get a feeling in some cases of dread or feeling of being happy.

One easy experiment which involves trying to “see” what is in a picture sealed in an envelope. Have a friend select several clear, interesting photos with strong shapes, lines, and colours, paste each on a plain white piece of paper, and seal each in a separate envelope your friend should also number the envelopes sequentially from 1 to whatever the highest number is and then see how well you do.

Although everyone has the basic right to privacy, there are no limitations; a remote viewer could view almost anything if they put their mind to it.