Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is also known as channelling.

The best way to get started with automatic writing is to buy a note book and sit down with a pen or if like me you may chose to use a keyboard and just type as the words or messages flow.
It’s quite a simple to do you just need to be relaxed, if your new to it and find it hard to switch off, it might be an idea to try doing a meditation beforehand.
You can ask questions aloud or telepathically and the answers will slowly appear on the paper, as with any from of spirit communication I would advise that you use psychic protection and call on your spirit guides or your guardian angels which ever you prefer.
Sit quietly and open your mind to the spirit world and ask that your spirit guide allows communication with either themselves or with loved ones in the spirit world using either the pen and paper or keyboard.

You may find that as you start to write or even draw, the words just flow without a stopping, others may find it more difficult, it will just take a little more time and practice.
You may feel that you need to write or draw something that inspires you. Poetry is often given in this way from spirit. Musicians can also are inspired in this way when writing songs. I have used this method to write my mediations for my development circle and of course I do this when I’m doing my email readings by asking spirit to give me the information while using my laptop.
I have known other people write books and finish them in just a few weeks as the words just seemed to keep coming.
Words or pictures may form in your head, just go with how you feel, and you may be surprised with what transpires.

Automatic writing is commonly used in India as one of the safest means of communication with the spirit world. It is especially popular in Mumbai. They can go into a trace like state and channel a deceased loved one, to then receive messages which help the family in mourning to get some closure.

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