Psychometry is a combination of psychic awareness plus the ability to read the energy that we all leave on the objects around us. It also acts as an aid to help the psychic by helping them tune in better to the person they are reading for.
Most psychics tend to prefer metal objects, such as rings, watches or other jewellery, this could have a lot to do with the fact that these objects are in contact with the person on a more regular basis and therefore retain more information or energy.
Although you could use almost anything, some psychics are good with clothes, but then again these items have to be in regular contact with their owner.
Psychometry is also the method that a lot of psychics use when working with the police, especially when trying to locate a person. The psychic or medium will be given an object which belongs to that person or a photograph of them. By handling the object it helps them create a psychic link to the person because our bodies give off magnetic energy.
It’s also important to remember if the object may have been handled by more than one person, then its history may reveal things that are not relevant to the sitter. Or if the object has been passed down the family, it will also contain information about its previous owners.
Some mediums may start a reading with Psychometry, to help link into the person. This will enable them to pick up some basic details about that person and as the reading progresses it may then become more of a `mediumship` reading, when spirit comes through to give a message.

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