Astral Travel


Astral Travelling or Astral Projection is when your spirit or consciousness leaves your physical body for a short time. Also known as “An out of Body Experience”.
Most Astral Travel takes place when we are sleeping or meditating when our minds and bodies are relaxed. Most of us Astral travel nightly. It is just recalling what we have done that can be a bit of a problem. During this experience you may find yourself floating even flying, as you travel from one realm to another, it is possible to visit the past or future and other dimensions.
When we Astral Travel we can often see ourselves still attached to our physical bodies by what looks like a fine silver cord, this cord keeps us safe and we are then able return to our physical bodies.
The moment you project from your physical body, you will be conscious in both your physical and your astral bodies simultaneously.
What are the Astrals? Well they are basically other planes, seven in fact, although it is unlikely that you would visit all of them.
It is also possible to Astral at will although it takes some practice anyone can achieve it by believing that they can and overcoming the fear that you might not return to your psychical bodies or that something may harm you. Once you master it you can explore and have fun. Remember to make notes if you can it’s often hard to recall your travels and visions.
To learn more on the subject you can read books, there is plenty of information available on the internet.

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