The Law of Karma.


The Law of Karma.
Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action.” Buddhists believe that Karma refers to the actions of our body, speech and mind. Every action we perform leaves an imprint, on our subtle mind, and each imprint eventually has its own effect.
The actions of people are never lost, even though a long time may pass before their effects are experienced. Actions cannot simply disappear, and we cannot make them go away, in an attempt to avoid the consequences of our behaviour. Often people will try to make excuses to justify their poor life choices; or attempt to shift responsibility onto another. This type of denial is common, and while it may ease their conscience, or give them some respite from feeling guilty for what they have done. It will do nothing to avoid the future karmic repercussions of their actions. We may feel that our negative experiences in this life time are undeserved, and that there is no justice in the world, most of our experiences in this life are often caused by actions that we committed in past lives.
So then are we able to rid ourselves of negative karmic potential? You could try by avoiding having negative thoughts and behaviour that will then lead to negative actions. To do this you need to learn to understand where your weaknesses lie, and what causes them. This requires a lot of self honesty and understanding. It is rare that negative behaviour or issues come out of nowhere. Try looking back over your life; try to see where they may stem from. If you feel that you are or have carried deep seated issues from your past that make you unhappy now, consider taking action to resolve them.
Karma is a divine system of justice. Where our every thought, word and act is recorded. Nothing can be hidden. So even if a man or women gets away with committing an illegal act in the eyes of the law, or no one else ever finds out about it. They cannot avoid or hide what they have done from spiritual justice. Karma, the Law of cause and affect it is there for our benefit. To help us grow and evolve as human beings to fulfil our highest potential.

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