Angel Boards


Angel Boards are decorated with images of angels and beautiful flowers sometimes pictures from nature, they look much more pleasant than the traditional Ouija Boards although the way we use them is basically the same.
There have been mixed responses from people about using angel boards, some say they are wonderful, others say that they can still bring negative energies through.
I would advise that if you do use one, do your grounding to put a circle of protection around you, maybe say a prayer to the angels before and afterwards if you feel happier doing so, try to remain as positive throughout the session on the board as possible. Call upon your own guardian angel and or spirit guides to assist you with angel board communication and ask that they only allow positive energies through. I would suggest that for best and safest results you should only work with a trained medium.
We used one recently in my development circle for the group to connect with their spirit guides to find out what our guides looked like and what their names are, we had a fun evening and everyone really enjoyed it, asking all sorts of questions, when its done in a safe and controlled environment it is perfectly safe to use.
Young people wanting to experiment with friends for a laugh should really avoid doing anything that they have no control over because yes it may go wrong, and then it’s down to people like me that have to put things right afterwards, maybe wait until your older if your still curious seek out someone that knows what they are doing so you can have a positive experience.
Anyone interested in doing my workshop called meeting your guides & Angels  contact me via my website.

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