Karmic Relationships


A karmic relationship involves people being drawn together for a mutual need and the attraction is often quite strong. In fact, the attraction is almost irresistible. This type of relationship typically includes a need for completion on a subconscious level from a past life together where often the relationship lacked in compatibility or ended too quickly without the issues being worked out. I’m not saying that a karmic relationship will always end; it just means there is a lot of work that needs to be done from both parties for it to last. Karmic relationships are mainly about growth and change and working out past karma. You can always tell if a relationship is a karmic one because there is a lot of conflict, bad feelings, and resentments involved until each party begins to make necessary changes for the good of the relationship and really want it to work.
So how can you tell if you are in a Karmic Relationship here are some of the signs.
Strong attraction with very little compatibility
A feeling of deja vu and we’ve met before before
An constant need to be with the other person
A repeat of family patterns learned from childhood
Focusing more on your relationship than your own personal needs
Sacrificing your personal dreams to be together (issues of co-dependency)
Neglect, abuse or in some cases violence
A deep need to work things out by one or both partners.
Many times relationships do not fulfil the hoped for promise of great happiness felt in the beginning. Or maybe other factors come into play like betrayal, abuse, and personality conflicts that were not apparent in the beginning of the relationship also boredom or even neglect. Or if one or both people decide to move on, because the love or attraction felt in the beginning is just gone. If you have experienced any of the above, you know the heartbreak it brings. Most of the time, these heartbreaks can heal over time.
This is not meant to imply that a Karmic Relationship cannot work out they definitely can. However, it takes honesty and the willingness on both partners to work on the problems and issues. Think twice before dumping a current relationship because you are seeking what you believe to be a Soul Mate or Twin Flame relationship. Although these types of relationships are often easier, there are no guarantees or that you will find this type of relationship in the future. So If your heart tells you the relationship you are in is just not going to work the best option is to spend some alone.