Fairies are pure beings of nature, they work for, with and are nature. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get and these little folk assist her.
They look like orbs mostly white, there are of course coloured orbs or they may appear as a streak that flashes quickly past you, or contained in mist that seems to be in one area in your garden a place like a herb or rock garden and if you’re lucky they will show as themselves to you complete with little pointy ears.

Apart from your garden, you will also find them in woodlands, mountains, and your home, anywhere really, their favourite places usually are where there are trees, plants and water .The best times of the day is dawn or dusk this is when the Fairy energy is stronger, and you are more likely to catch a glimpse. The Fairy will only be found if you believe in them and their magic.

You have probably heard of fairy rings and doorways these you can find when walking in the woods you come across a load of mushrooms and they form a circle, if you venture inside this circle you will feel the happy energy all around you. A doorway is found in the bark of the tree it looks like a doorway or opening has been carved into it, this is a portal to the fairy realm, you can also sit quietly beside the tree and feel the energy.

Calling upon the Fairies, fairies will interfere, meddle, guide, and help with or without our permission. They know no boundaries a lot of the time if for example they hear you curse then chances are off they go to meddle so always be mindful of what you put out there. They will listen if you put your foot down quite strongly with them though. Fairies love honey, milk, cake and anything sparkly they are amazing to work and connect with and will do their best for you, just now and again they might be a little naughty. Once you have fully accepted the fairies in to your life you will gain strength, love and friendship from them all they ask is that you help and do your bit for Mother Nature.

Fairy / Faery Queens

Mab – Call upon Mab for protection, strength, guidance, colours blue
Caelia -matters of the heart, pure love, to gain love, to take away love, soul mates, passion, intimacy, colours pink/red
Argante or Morgan Le Fay – Healing of any kind, colours green
Morgan Le Fay – Knowledge/Wisdom, exams, learning, spells, colours whatever colour corresponds to your need.

Fairy /Faery Kings

Finvarra – Adventure/excitement, travel, hobbies, meeting people etc, colours whatever corresponds to your need.
Oberon – Spiritual- meditation, astral travelling, tarot etc, colours, white or purple
Gwyn Ap Nudd – New/Changes to bring about any changes that are needed or wanted, colours, whatever colour corresponds to your need.

How about making a Fairy altar

This altar is where you can focus your energy and will become a sacred place for you. You can connect and work with the Fairy / Fae anywhere but to have a space dedicated to them and also to the spell work you wish to carry out will keep the energy you want to direct/focus on in one place.

An altar is personal to you, it’s all about personal choice. You can use a cloth, candles, incense, herbs, fairy ornaments, flowers, coloured pebbles, and sparkly items, anything that you feel like really.

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