MBS Show – Colchester.


We had great fun at the MBS show in Colchester over the weekend such lovely energy and loads of stalls, therapists and readers. As usual I wonder around chatting to everyone I know, often I pop into one of the free workshops to learn something new, this time I did the EFT workshop with Colin Wyatt. Which I found really interesting so I decided to have a 20 min session with Colin after wards, this involved a quick chat, then down to business by tapping on certain meridian points on my hand, face, head and top part of the body while repeating the sentences that Colin asked me to say, five minutes into the session and out of the blue I said I’m going to cry! we finished the rest of the session with me trying to contain my tears, turns out I had some emotional stuff going on myself, which I think is to do with my work I probably hadn’t cleared myself properly after a busy week of readings. I now know why I was feeling a bit tired and out of sorts, so yes it does work even when you just think you have nothing much going on, if you have tried other things and not felt they have worked for you this might just be the answer. We finished the day with a lovely healing meditation held by the European Buddhist Hanni Association a great day all round we left feeling happy and refresh.

# http://www.wayforward.co.uk # http://www.magicandglitter.co.uk # http://www.lifearts.co.uk #


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