Psychic Pets.


Don’t we just love our pets; they give us, unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. And for many people who live alone, having a cat or dog to love and care for, can make a big difference to their mental health and well being. Our pets are very much an important part of the family, and when they eventually die, we experience grief every bit as real as we would for a human family member. And yes they do come back to visit us after they die its happened to me twice now, I have been woken up by them jumping on the bed when I turned the lights on there was nothing there.
Have you ever noticed your pet showing signs of being psychic, or maybe you feel that they are just more sensitive than us seeing, hearing and sensing things before we do, because some of us are not as aware. Yes they can sense when a spirit is present our dog often growls and looks at what seems an empty space to us.
More than once I have had the feeling that my cat or our family dog was trying to send me a message telepathically. I could be in the middle of doing something when suddenly, I would find myself stopping what I was doing and going to the back door to let the cat in, or I’d be reading or on my laptop I would look up to find my cat staring at me and I’d just know she wanted to be fed.
The most common kinds of response by cats and dogs is that they know that their owners coming home, also knowing when you’re going away, the anticipation of being fed, not to mention cats disappearing when you intend to take them to the vet, or dogs knowing when you are planning to take them for a walk. They also seem to know when you’re feeling unwell or upset.
There was also a story of women whose cat kept on trying to bite her near her breast. It was totally out of character and she was completely at a loss to know why. While checking the area the cat had been trying to bite she noticed a very small lump. It turned out to be malignant. Her doctor told her, that if it had not been for her cat, she might not have noticed it until it had grown and probably spread. She really does believe that her cat saved her life.
There is no doubt that our animals are much more intelligent and sensitive then we often think and yes, I believe that they do have psychic abilities. Of course they will vary from pet to pet, just as they do with us. It could also be that the stronger the bond we have with our pets, the more likely we are to see some evidence of psychic abilities.
Animals tend not to be bothered by self doubt, nor do they over analyse everything as we do. They always act on and follow their instincts. Maybe we humans could learn a thing or two from them!

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  1. Hi Tracie, Just to say i really liked your article about the Magical Animals. It is really correct, too. I trust my pets explicitly to let me know things. That I may not notice when I have visitors. I am not on Facebook at the moment. Deactivated as I was accused of being a Racist. If I’m honest! I got a bit scared!! So came off straight away.. Hope all is well with you. Jenny Ralph.xx

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