The difference between psychic ability and mediumship.


Psychic ability
The word Psyche comes from the Greek language and means ‘Soul’. All physical beings have a soul so will all have some psychic abilities. However, these vary across different activities. Broadly speaking a psychic can sense and interpret information about a person or object. However a psychic cannot communicate with the Spirit World.

Mediumship means a transfer of information from the discarnate (spirit of a deceased) to the incarnate (the medium) to a recipient. A medium is psychic but is also capable of communicating with spirit. Communication with spirit using mediumship is a means for the spirit world to ensure us that they:
• Have survived physical death,
• Have retained their personality, character, mind, memories,
• Have continued to learn and develop in the Spirit World

Despite popular belief mediums cannot call up a particular spirit to communicate with. Spirit will choose whether to communicate or not and also which medium they wish to work with. This is because mediumship is a two way process which exists to allow a flow of information from spirit to the medium and on to the recipient. Mediumship is a gift that needs to be developed. It is not simply the job of the spirit world to pass messages. The medium must be able to receive those message clearly and pass them on correctly. This process requires trust between the spirit world and the medium, and takes time to perfect. Just as with any other job, a period of training is required. After all if you wanted to be a doctor you would not think you could do the job perfectly after one week.

Taken with permission from The Cork psychic & mediumship group.

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