New Courses & Dates

17. Writtle College_0

One Day Intensive Beginners Tarot Course.
Learn the basics of Tarot in a one day course.
Learn the meanings of each card
Learn how we combine the tarot cards and spreads
Practice readings for others members on the course
You will need a pack of cards, pen and note pad.
We will break for half and hour lunch.
11 to -20th Sept.

New Tea Leaf Reading Workshop
History of tea, Different types of teas used for readings,
Tea’s to suit your zodiac signs, How read the tea leaves,
Symbols and understanding the meanings,
and of course practicing doing your own readings.
11 – 3pm – 19th July / Sept 2015

Chakra Workshop
Understanding how the Chakras work and how blockages
in our energy affect our psychical and emotional functions
and general well being, we cover each chakra in turn and
understand how and why they get blocked.
Understand what is needed to keep you well and in good spirits,
learn how to help yourself, group discussions on healing and meditations.
11 to 4pm – 2nd Aug.

Introduction to Shamanism.
Learn about the Shaman jouney’s, The Shaman Way,
Power & Totem animals, Guides
Day 1 – 11- 4pm – 12th September.
Shaman Healing, Crystals and Energy Work, Runes
Cleansing & other tools. Day 2 – 11- 4pm – 13th September.

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