One of my Past Life’s

While I was at the MBS Event in Chelmsford last weekend and I met up with a fascinating lady called Barbara Meiklejohn – Free, known as The Highland Seer. I decided to go along to do her workshop about Past Life Regression with a friend of mine, as the workshop got underway we were asked various questions to help us find out what or who we had been in a previous life. The answers I’m told are already within us it just takes someone like Barbara to bring it to the forefront. I was surprised at first to find that for one of mine I was a servant girl to Cleopatra, who was said to have committed suicide, although some say she was murdered. Apparently I was buried alive after her death, the Egyptians used to do that back then.

I have always had a fear of being buried alive I have always be adamant that I wanted to be cremated just to make sure to make sure I’m dead, so I now know where that came from! Over the last few years I have had a feeling of constriction around my chest area a few times this could be connected to this past life, we think I must have died around my age now back then which is why it came on all of a sudden a little while ago. Thinking back over the workshop, while trying to get to sleep that night. I realised I have always had a deep fascination with Egypt. I went to Luxor about 16 years ago I remember I was so excited I wanted to do everything I could on the trip. I visited the Valley of the Kings and Queens and all the temples, I loved it. I still have all the mementos I bought back with me. I have been back to Egypt a few times over the years to visit other places, I do plan to visit Luxor again one day.

I always felt that trip was the start of my spiritual journey, I have a strong connection to a place called Alexandria which is in Egypt. Alexandria is my daughter middle name it was always going to be her first name but my mum got her own way being her first grandchild.

I can remember back to when i was a child asking my mum why my hair was this colour (blonde) and not black as I feel that I had black hair in many of my other life times. Ben who came to the workshop with me, who also loved it, it only turns out that we had know each other back in this life time as well which is why we have such a good relationship, he was connected to the Solemn Temple which Barbara tells me was not far from Alexandria.
The workshop left me wanting to know more I’m really tempted to go for a proper session now to see what else I can un cover thats hidden deep with me.

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  1. I would love to do a session to find out my past lives/life. Would be so interesting. Maybe we should take a trip? xx


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