July is blessed with not only one, but TWO FULL MOONS. This event is not common, which is why this occurrence is called a BLUE MOON
We’re having a beautiful full moon on July 1st and 31st – the first and last day of the month.
Full moon’s are always a time of heightened emotions and intuition. Have you ever noticed you’re more emotional during a full moon? In astrology, the moon governs your emotions and inner life, including your intuition. The natural element associates with emotions is water. If you’ve ever seen how the moon affects our tides, you’ll understand you can’t ignore the moon’s powerful pull on your feelings.
Because your emotions will be amplified all month, it’s important that you pay attention to them. You’re feelings are your intuitive guide. If you feel drawn to a person or activity – take the steps you need to deepen your connection. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about a person or circumstance, have the courage to release any energy that doesn’t benefit your well-being.

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