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(Variety of Chalcedon)
Magickal uses/intentions for anger, anxiety, balance, calm, relationships, powers, childbirth/pregnancy, the mind, peace, inspiration, to attract love, for dream work, emotions (fear, grief, heartbreak), grounding, inner strength
Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini, Taurus
Element: Water
Energy: Yin
Chakras: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus
Tarot: Hanged Man
Chrysoprase imparts a sense of being a part of the divine whole, it induces deep meditation, promotes love and truth.
Also promotes hope and gives personal insights, draws out talent and stimulate creativity
Encourages fidelity both in personal relationships and in business
This stone energizes the heart and sacral chakras and brings universal energy into the physical body.
Color: Apple green, lemon
Opaque, flecked
Sources: United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Poland, Tanzania
Information from: Information: from Judy Hall’s Crystal bible and Sandra Kynes’ Complete Book of Correspondences
Image: tumbled Chrysoprase/Source:!blog/cwhr

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