This Weeks Crystal


Pink Colbalt ( Colbaltocalcite) – U.S, Europe, Africa

Chakra – Heart, Third Eye

Pink Colbalt is part of the calcite family, because of this it creates a beautiful balance between our body and minds. Most commonly used with the heart chakra, Pink Colbalt is considered a mineral of joy. Like Sunstone, it helps to amplify our feeling of happiness. It can help lift our levels of positivity during our daily lives, helping us look for the best in every situation. Often we see situations as being problematic, nervous of the potential negative outcomes. Colbalt can help us shift our thoughts, greeting challenges as opportunities whilst focusing on the positives that may come out of a variety of situations.

Many cultures consider Pink Colbalt to be an effective love crystal, it has been used in many rituals throughout the years in connection to relationships past, present and future.

When used with the Third Eye, Pink Colbalt can aid us in achieving a deep and also unique meditative state. Using it during mediation channels our minds in a different direction than perhaps we are used to. Rather than focusing on connection or the exploration of our subconscious, it creates a deep awareness of our physical self. This level of awareness helps us establish a mindful link to our bodies, focusing intensely on our own heart beat and breathing whilst amplifying our 5 physical senses. It can be a difficult and at first distracting technique but I advise all of you who are willing to try; stick with it. It’s an incredibly challenging but ultimately rewarding practice.