Moon Cycles


Luna is still at home in Cancer, where she’ll be residing all day long.
As our Moon governs our emotional bodies above almost all else, you can expect your feelings to be the guiding force for the next couple of days.
They shouldn’t be too hard to tap into, as a Cancer transit will bring our emotions to the core of our experience.
But beware, it is not always as easy as cause and effect!
We are subtle and complicated creatures and our egos like to play tricks on us, so don’t be too quick to blame the first trigger that appears if you find yourself angry or upset or confused.
You may also very easily be picking up on the emotions of those around you, and unknowingly accepting these as your own. Great if you’re surrounded by a high-vibe bunch, not so if people are sinking into their worries and fears!
Don’t forget that as we are only just beyond New Moon, and the subtle energies of creation are swirling around looking for something firm to attach to, keep your own frequency high.
It’s important now especially, to hold onto the best feeling you can muster, and to commit to live it.
Simply making the conscious intention to live from this place really can be enough to lift your whole body’s vibration. (Speaking from experience, I know this to be true!)
Do this as an act of love and kindness, to yourself.

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