This weeks crystal.


Sugilite – South Africa, Japan

Chakra – Heart, Third Eye

A rare and often unknown mineral, Sugilite is believed to be the ultimate love crystal by many cultures.

The reason it is held in such high regard is it’s unique approach to the concept of ‘love’. When asked who we love, our reply is often Family & friends. Working with Sugilite helps us expand this feeling out wards, highlighting our connection to all things, enabling us to project and even pursue genuine love to all things.

Sugilite helps us tap into the compassion that exists within us all. Achieving this state of mind helps us realise the strong emotional bond and sense of responsibility we have for all people, without much thought, this soon manifests into love.

This may sound rather daunting, how can we project and feel so much for people that we have little or no interaction with. I’m often reminded of a buddhist quote regarding happiness when this thought occurs;

‘Thousands of candles can be lit from a single one, and it’s life will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared’

In my mind Love is happiness, and like happiness it can never run out. If we change our mindset and realise a connection to all things, to acknowledge our burning sense of humanity, our hearts will do the rest. If we can touch one persons life with genuine love, they can do the same to another and so on, the potential is never ending

Working with our heart and Third eye Chakras, we can develop the feeling of love then increase our awareness of it’s much needed place in ours and others lives

Because of its connection to our strongest emotions, Sugilite is also a very helpful crystal when dealing with grief. The loss of a loved one can a have huge impact on our lives and also how we deal with our emotions moving forward. In my opinion there is no right way to deal with grief, no set time limit in which we should start to feel better. All we can do is remember the love we shared without locking it away, to keep our loved ones memory alive in our hearts with the actions of our future.
I believe we can never truly get over the loss of loved one, but we can remember the reason we miss them so much, it is because we love them beyond all measure.

This is why we have to keep the feeling of love alive, to express it at every opportunity to as many people as possible, for those we have lost, for those we have still and for those we haven’t met.