Beltane Blessings.


Other Names: May Eve, May Day, Samradh
Date: May 1 (Greater Sabbat /Cross Quarter)
Celebration of: The Lord and Lady consummate their relationship
Colours: White, yellow, red and pink
Symbols: Spring flowers (especially the rose).
Notes: Few celebrations are as representative of fertility as Beltane, which usually begins on May Eve with a fire and fertility festival. This is a time to welcome the abundance of the fertile Earth – when the Earth Mother opens to the Fertility God. Their union brings about abundant crops, healthy livestock and new life all around. Jump over the balefire to ensure protection and dance around the May Pole. Ring bells to scare away bad spirits. Take time for appreciation and affection for all that you have been given in your life. And while this traditionally is the end of spring planting, it is a time for new beginnings, concepts and ideas.