Shamanism and what is it ?
Shamanic healing one of the oldest healing practices, it is essentially an energy-based therapy. Shamans believe that everything has energy and that sometimes, healing needs to be done to bring things or us back into balance. A shaman is an important part of a tribe traditionally known as medicine person, they able to communicate with spirits and power animal spirits guides during their journeying to spirit realms which helps with their own spiritual journeys. A modern day shamanism is very similar they also work with power animals and spirit helpers to seek advice for their clients.

What do they do ?
Shamanic practitioners see health issues as being connected to the loss of energy or power and will work to balance out these issues, often seeking to return the lost energy, remove negativity and return the client to wholeness. Sometimes, the practitioner will bring back advice from the spirit realms or messages for the client to aid them with their healing journey. The client must be willing and ready to make the changes to enable them to achieve a positive and healthier sense of well being.

What happens during healing a session?
During your session, depending on what your there for, the Shaman or healer will get you to relax and ask you to think or a safe place or put you into a meditative state, some healers have been known to use drums, rattles, chimes, chanting and song, as well as sacred smudge, this is a burning of herbs or incense to spiritually cleanse and bless you and the room. Sometimes, the healer / shaman may use other healing tools, such as feathers, as well as a combination of hands on or off healing, similar to that experienced during a Reiki or a spiritual healing session.

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