Crystal of the week.


Danburite – U.S, Mexico, Myanmar, Japan, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia

Chakra – Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Danburite links our emotions to our higher consciousness, it creates a balance between the two whilst identifying the differences between them that so often occur

Working with our Heart Chakra first, we can develop a sense or understanding of our current emotional state. Often the main problem that inhibits our ability to meditate is our emotions, they are such a primal, powerful force that, when left unchecked, can literally change how we think, react and take in the world around us.

Working with Danburite helps us understand our feelings better, settling our emotional state whilst increasing our awareness of the root cause.

We can then move on to our Third Eye, this stage helps us push through the positive emotions whilst letting go of the negative. Alternatively if it is the negative aspects of our emotional state we wish to work on we can highlight and push these forward. Once this has been achieved we can start to move to our Crown Chakra, focusing on connection and inducing a meditative state. The unique aspect of Danburite is that it brings through our emotions into meditation, rather than blocking them out it helps introduce them into our higher consciousness whereby we can work along side them, helping us put them into perspective, creating an incredibly powerful and insightful meditation practice.

There are literally thousands of meditative techniques you can try and by no means do all of them include clearing or emptying our minds or pushing away our conscious thoughts or emotions. Some techniques are used to include our conscious thoughts giving us some truly wonderful insights into our own minds. This can be a very scary prospect but it can also be incredibly rewarding. When we have understanding and control of our emotions we can move past so many things that may be holding us back, often including emotions and thoughts that are dormant in our minds we never knew were there.