This weeks crystal.


Malachite – Middle East, Russia, Romania, Zambia

Chakra – Core, Heart, Third Eye

Commonly known as a protection stone, Malachite absorbs negative energy, shielding us from external forces that may interrupt and effect our day to day lives

It is believed to be a stone of transformation, it promotes confidence in ourselves and helps us deal with change in our lives. Major changes to our routines can be extremely stressful and daunting, Malachite changes our focus and mindset, helping us see change as a positive thing. Life is transient, it changes constantly around us. Malachite aids us in ‘going with the flow’ and helps us realise the endless possibilities that lay ahead. Sometimes the fear of change can hold us back, the realisation of this can set us free

On a safety note, Malachite is a toxic mineral, I recommend it be only used in polished form which is safe to handle. I have noticed recently that a few online companies are selling Malachite as an elixir or in dust form, please avoid these as they can be dangerous. If you’re not sure please feel free to contact us and we’ll talk you through the safety issues.