How to use a Crystal Ball – Scrying.

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How to use a Crystal Ball – Scrying

Create a nice atmosphere. It’s best to practice crystal ball gazing in a dimly lit room with some incense burning in the background. The mix of light and shadow with the aroma of incense helps to provide the setting.

If you use a candle set it behind you, this helps to shade the light from the crystal ball, and provide the minimal of lighting to the crystal ball. Some may prefer to use a coloured candle. As coloured candles have their own frequency (dictated by the colour of the candle) blue or purple are good. Traditionally people burn Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Sage Incense.

As for anyone preparing for any Psychic or spiritual practice this requires you to adopt the frame of mind. Often the conversation of the spirit is very quiet and subtle and cannot be heard through the noise and din of the conscious mind, (our thinking mind). To receive knowledge, information through increased awareness requires one to use their subconscious mind; the silent partner to our conscious mind. Therefore we need to allow our selves, a short time to be quiet and reflective a short meditation beforehand would help.

Give yourself time to allow the day to drift away before attempting to use the crystal ball. Relax, ask for guidance, meditate, or even take a relaxing bath. Be calm, be at peace, let go of all your troubles and concerns from the day, and get in to a peaceful place.

What should you expect, what will you see, what will happen?
You should really try not to focus on this, having expectations will not help. It means that you are looking for something and possibly looking for something in particular. Expectation is the person having a reading should be thinking about, not the reader. The reader must be clear. “You will see what you see and no more.” Your spirit knows the answers, you probably won’t even know the questions.
Crystal ball gazing is very simple but takes a lot of practice, this can be very hard to do because it requires discipline over the noise of the conscious mind, and patience.

After lighting the room and incense, having done your personal preparation sit comfortably with the crystal ball held in both hands. The candle lit behind you will allow you to see into the crystal slightly. Stare into the crystal ball for a few minutes and allow your eyes to adjust. Notice how the crystal ball affects your vision and allow a feeling of connection between you and the crystal ball to grow. When you feel that there is a connection, then place the crystal ball its stand. You are ready to begin.

The crystal ball should be sitting on a stand in front of you now. Your gaze into the crystal ball should at a comfortable height. Stare into the crystal ball, and do not blink, do not look away, keep your gaze. Your gaze may take a very long time, so be patient.
As you gaze a mist should form. The mist forms when the connection between you, the crystal ball and your subconscious mind is made. Once the mist is present, the connection is being made, keep your gaze and keep calm. The mist will clear, as you allow yourself to drift into the crystal ball, and the pictures will start to form.
You may see pictures that that you did not expect, images can be powerful. A single picture could reveal a complete situation and carry a powerful feeling. It is important not to try to make sense of the pictures during the session, this will only lead to the breaking of concentration and forming of misconceptions about the images, just let the images flow, one to another. Eventually the images will fade, you may feel very tired and need of a glass of water. Now is a good time to record what you have seen. Take a piece of paper and get writing.
Remember crystal ball reading requires a lot of practice, it may take several attempts. So be patient with yourself. The subconscious mind is highly receptive, it accepts all that it feels, sees, and hears without any of the restraints that our conscious mind has. It’s amazing that we don’t even know what we know. The subconscious absorbs everything we come into contact with and files it all away.

I’m looking forward to doing this with my development circle on Monday.

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  2. Thank you Tracie. This surely has to be more than coincidence only last night I was sitting looking at the way a light was reflecting though my beautiful crystal ball that was bought for me over 20 yrs ago.
    And said ‘ I might have a search on Facebook and see if there is anyone that has used a Crystal ball.’ Only last night!!
    Today you post this wonderful article.
    Amazing from Jenny Ralph. Thank you.xx


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