This weeks crystal.


Tigers Eye – U.S, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, India

Chakra – Solar Plexus/Core

Although very common, Tigers Eye’s properties can sometimes be overlooked. Perhaps it’s abundance is the reason for this, often the best things for us are right in front of our eyes

I will touch on a few of its popular properties but first I wanted to highlight on, what I believe to be, its most unique and often overlooked asset

Placed on the Core Chakra, Tigers Eye acts as a conduit, connecting our Base thorough to our Crown Chakra. It creates a connection from our physical body to our mind, helping us achieve a balance which is so important. Clarity of thought and awareness of our physical self aids us in achieving a sense of whole, a feeling of complete ease. This enables us to engage in activities, be it physical, spiritual or emotional, that benefits our daily lives. Often a small adjustment in our routines can have a positive impact moving forward. Tigers Eye creates an awareness of what is missing or highlighting that which we may wish to change, often this is something that had previously gone unnoticed

Tigers Eye is also known as a very effective protection crystal. Many ancient civilisations used to wear Pendants made of Tigers Eye to protect them form physical harm, sickness or even to ward of spirits. It’s incredible that such an old tradition used across the globe is still in practice today, I would say the most common use of Tigers Eye is via a pendant worn around the neck, in fact wearing one now whilst writing this

Another popular use is to boost confidence and self esteem, something I think we all strive to achieve. Because of its connection to confidence, Tigers Eye is also referred to as a travel stone. I believe the reason for this is the connection to self confidence, the bravest thing can sometimes be to try something new, especially if it’s out of our comfort zone.