This weeks Crystal.


Galena – U.S, U.K, Russia

Chakra – Root, Heart, Third Eye

Another unique stone, Galena not only works as a grounding crystal but also to open our awareness both physically and mentally.

Not a huge amount is known about Galena so individual experimentation is important, I certainly believe it has a great deal of unexplored properties

A common practice working with Galena is to restore balance to our lives, a hugely underestimated aspect of our existence. The universe is made up of balance and has been culturally referenced throughout the history of man, for example Ying Yang, the Pentacle and Karma. Through science we can see the balance, matter and antimatter, positive and negative ions and so on.

Restoring balance to our lives can have a profound effect on our happiness, when we have balance we can achieve a state of peace. This state of mind is so important, it can help us make the right decisions as the right times, create a clear path for us to follow and highlight the truly important aspects of our reality

On a personal note, I find achieving a sense of balance helps me with my meditation practise. When I have a settled mind I can achieve a deeper meditative state helping me explore my own subconscious without distraction.

Galena also helps expand on ideas, helping our creativity to flow. Sometimes we hit a wall with regards to our plans or ideas. Galena helps expand our minds, to amplify our dormant potential in order to see our goals through

On a side note, similar to Malachite, Galena is a lead based mineral so please be aware of this if you are looking into alternative uses such as elixirs or skin treatments as it can be harmful.