This weeks crystal.


Herkimer Diamond – US, Spain, Mexico

Chakra – Third Eye, Crown, can be used to clear all Chakras

A stone that promotes creativity. Most of our inspiration and brilliance may stay dormant within our subconscious, the Herkimer Diamond helps access this information and bring it to the for front of our minds. With this information we can explore our own talents and potential, expanding our ability to express and create.

It’s said to aid spiritual growth, in my opinion this can be a very broad and abstract term. We have endless paths available to us when it come to growth, spiritual or otherwise. When working with certain crystals I believe we can narrow these paths through experience and understanding helping us make the right decision and move froward. From my experience the Herkimer Diamond is one of these crystals. It can create a clarity of thought, filtering out options that may hinder our growth whilst highlighting the way forward that suits our own personal aspirations and desires.

An example of this can simply be choosing the right meditation technique to suit our own journey or exposing us to the right information at the right time. We are all on different paths, we all have endless potential, sometimes we only need the right experiences and self belief to see our journey through.

Mistakes will always be made, it’s human nature, but decisions made with a clear mind tend to be the right ones. Clearing the clutter in our own minds and exposing our true desires, that’s when we can really move forward.