Shaman Cards.


I love working with my new Shaman cards, by doing some of the simple spreads in the handbook you can find out your life purpose, the things that are blocking you from progressing and moving forward in your life. If you want to purchase your own pack take a look at my Amazon site the link is on my blog, all the cards and books that I have and use are featured, if you have any recommendations feel free to drop me a line and I will add them to the list.


Here is one of the spreads that I do, it also give you a opportunity to see what some of the cards look like.

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  1. Re: Shaman Cards. I purchased a set over 4 years and they never worked for me then.
    Thanks to seeing Tracie working with them online I thought I would get them out again. It’s quite wonderful to find that they are now welcoming me.and now I’ve noticed I know which card to pick because I get the same feeling in my fingers and hands that I do when I’m concentrating and scanning whilst healing.
    Try it, lay the cards out, close your eyes and slowly pass your hand across the pack. You should feel it in your fingers over the card that you have to pick up.
    Jenny Ralph.


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