Earth Angels.


Earth Angels
Most people are not aware that they are an earth angel here are some pointers to help you, does this sound like you?
1. Feeling different, almost all earth angels feel different from other people, like they just don’t fit in. This is usually from childhood and for many carries on into adulthood.
2. Having intense sensitivity to other people, harsh chemicals and violence of any form. Most often earth angels are told ‘you are just too sensitive’ they often find it difficult in crowds, feeling bombarded with other people emotions and they hate violence of any form. This sensitivity is a gift, enabling them to intuitively know where there services are needed.
3. A strong sense of purpose or calling – even if they don’t what it is, most earth angels have a sense that their mission is involved in helping and teaching others.
4. History of frustrating relationship patterns – A lot of earth angels are born to abusive or emotionally unavailable parents and can have a hard upbringing. They may attract abusive partners. Earth angels sign up for challenging family situations so that they can progress extra fast in this lifetime.
5. Strangers telling them their problems and personal information – Often they are told ‘There is just something about you I can trust…’
6. Looking younger than their chronological years – This is an added bonus! Maybe it’s due to the fact that Earth Angels take better care of themselves overall or maybe it’s their spiritual outlook.
7. History of personal or familial addictions – Whether its food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or relationships etc, many Earth Angels turn to outside substances or influences to numb the pain of feeling different, being intimidated of their lives mission some put it on a back burner until later in life.
8. Buzzing sound in one ear – Not all but most Earth Angels notice a buzzing sound in one ear. This is from the spiritual or angel realm trying to connect to you to help you you’re your problems. It may be a good time to start working with your guides and angels.
Earth Angels are here to help by teaching or healing and often using their unique gifts and talents on others. By first recognizing that you are one can help empower you to follow your higher purpose and part your role in this lifetime.
I love helping Earth Angels to understand to whom they really are, appreciate their uniqueness, embrace their purpose and help clear any blocks they may have so that they can in turn help others and pass it on. We are here to help each other but we need to be able to help ourselves first!
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