Crystal of the week.


Jet – Worldwide

Chakra – Base, Core

Jet is quite unique as it’s actually fossilised wood, many people have purchased crystals such as obsidian thinking it’s Jet, a very easy way to tell is it’s weight, Jet is a great deal lighter than other minerals.

Because of its origins, Jet is incredibly abundant and has been used for thousands of years in ancient rituals and customs. One reason for this is certainly because it was easier to obtain but also because of its properties. It’s a fantastic grounding stone but I think with a difference. Jet is the remnants of a living thing, ancient trees that have long since returned to the earth. I believe this creates a very different connection, it is such an energising stone, working with Jet gives us such an incredible physical boost.

Some ancient cultures believed it was a stone of knowledge, a window to the past. This was mainly due to our understanding of the root system, the roots of trees connect to the energy of the earth, it’s an incredibly expansive system that we only see the tip of. This connection was believed to connect us to Gaia or Mother Earth, giving us access to information and guidance. It’s incredible to think that thousands of years ago our ancestors had created a balance with the world they lived in far outweighing our own. The concept of sustainability was ingrained into us all, the idea that we had to live in unison with the earth and others around us was paramount to our survival. Sadly I believe we have lost our way in this over the centuries, but the information and desire to do so is still there.

Using jet in a ceremony helped us reconnect to the earth, to understand its importance and and truly understand the need for balance.

Other cultures would wear Jet as jewellery to not only energies their bodies but to also connect to our ancestors or past lives. Jet is often past down by generations in jewellery form to keep this knowledge flowing forward, to learn about our heritage and make sure that it’s honoured through connecting to our past.