Love Notes.


Love wants, and we need; Love speaks, and we say; Love bears all, and we are transported; Love commands, and we obey. Love can, and we try; Love begins, and takes us far; Love will, and we may; Love is, and we are.

Love is kind, and we are cruel; Love is strong, and we are weak; Love burns, and we are consumed; Love is cool, and we are cold. Love tries, and we fail; Love is true, but we lie; Love lives on, while we perish; Love fights, and we die.

Love endures, when we falter; Love moves, and we are stirred; Love leaps, and we climb; Love soars, we fly like birds. Love gives, and we receive; Love dares, and miracles come. Love blazes, and sets us afire; Love shines, and leads us home.


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