Crystal of the week.


Amethyst – Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, U.S, India, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Russia, UK

Chakra – Third Eye, Crown

One of the most popular crystals around. For thousands of years it has been admired for its beauty and used in countless cultural rituals and ceremonies across the globe.

Working with Amethyst can be such a beautiful experience. I put this down to its main attribute, the promotion of peace. Peace can sometimes feel like an abstract concept, the idea of peace can feel completely unattainable, especially in the world we live. We are constantly bombarded by news of hate, fear and intolerance; daily exposure to this can make us feel hopeless. In my experience the human condition is capable of such beauty, kindness and compassion that I can only have faith in humanity.

Peace is achievable, especially when we break it down to manageable, daily practices. Peace to me is a stillness of mind, a contentment in body and spirit. It’s a state of mind and understanding we can access and emanate to those around us. Working with Amethyst helps achieve this state of mind and feeling, whether it’s through meditation, personal reflection or interaction with our family and friends. It helps raise our consciousness to a level of understanding, if we understand our selves and the lives and feelings of others I truly believe we can achieve a state of peace.

Being aware and working towards compassion and empathy will lead to peace, when we are at peace we can achieve wonderful things.

Amethyst is also a fanatic sleep aid, when we sleep we access information we may not be aware of and at times this can be traumatic, hence us having nightmares. Amethyst calms our subconscious, with its peaceful properties it can help us understand this information with a clear and settled mind.